Opt for a multi-device solution for your mobile sales forces

Klee Companion, logiciel CRM mobile pour les commerciaux terrain

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A mobile sales force CRM to facilitate in-store execution

Your mobile sales force need to harness existing technologies and be more efficient. PCs, tablets, and smartphones are valuable allies that facilitating work at points of sale. Klee Commerce has fully integrated mobility with Klee Sales,our sales force CRM software, also offering a mobile version. Discover Klee Companion, a multilingual mobile app.

Plan customer visits using your mobile

Our retail execution solution allows salespeople to effectively plan and prepare each of their visits, thanks to comprehensive information about each customer via real-time business indicators, even on the move. In-store execution is facilitated using the native functionalities of the device.

  • App for iOS and Android smartphones
  • Customer directory, search, customer datasheet
  • Contact list, search, contact details
  • Diary: viewing, planning, visits
  • Navigation to the point of sale
  • Call or email from the app

Complete questionnaires in a few clicks

Provide your field salespeople with questionnaires enabled with advanced functions, optimised for mobile and rapid use. The questionnaires are adapted to your sales force’s business use and focused on the feedback of information at the point of sale, necessary for the adjustment of your sales performance.

  • Text entry
  • Date
  • Multiple choice
  • Online signature
  • Questionnaire template
  • Photo and video

Strengthened commercial relations

Developing collaborative exchanges becomes easy with the sharing of feedback. You have a comprehensive overview of your ecosystem and your business.
Commercial relations on the ground are strengthened and commercial negotiations optimised thanks to our SFA solution.

  • Access to negotiations, promotional operations, product referencing, etc.
  • Coverage and visit rate
  • Activity monitoring 24/7
  • Creation and monitoring of complaints with photo
  • Sales support tools

Manage your salespeople on the ground with Sales Force Automation software from Klee Sales

Klee Sales, our retail execution software solution for sales forces, incorporates your business processes, and accompanies your sales teams on a daily basis.

You manage your teams and their operational activities based on a collection of business indicators and dashboards, whatever your products, your markets, or your distribution channels.

Collaborative processes are optimized, and you obtain perfect visibility over your business.

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Aim for operational excellence with Perfect Store

With the Perfect Store module from Klee Sales, assess the performance of the points of sale visited according to your priority business indicators: content distribution, missing products, shelf-share, and current promotions. Prioritize your visits according to the potential of the points of sale.

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Develop a new sales channel with Klee Internet Sales

With Klee Internet Sales, accelerate your sales with online B2B order-taking. You expand your sales network at a lower cost and maximize performance with a portal adapted to your business.

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Make more informed decisions with Klee Analysis

With Klee Analysis, make strategic decisions by accessing a relevant decision-making database. You benefit from decision-making assistance, based on reliable data that is updated in real time.

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