Companies need to be able to react instantly to competitive market changes: changes in demand, the security of supply or consumer behavior.
The knowledge of point of sales data becomes mandatory.

Perfectly suited for business process management related to the food sector food sector, Klee Commerce is tailored for manufacturers and retailers working with multiple distribution channels: hyper and supermarkets, drive-throughs, retail and mass retail, away-from-home consumption, department stores ...

Be it groceries, fresh or frozen products, it is essential to take into account of the specific features associated with these segments and their compliance with the practices of the industry.
Klee Commerce includes all the features needed for daily operations at the headquarters and in the field. It seamlessly integrates your business rules and adapts to your existing IT environment. Multilingual, multi-networks and multi-currency, the solution fully meets your technical requirements and regulations.

Answers to specific business needs

  • Better knowledge of shops by the sales team, thanks to the information collected in the field
  • Differentiated management of the relationship with purchasing managers, sales and department managers, according to direct or indirect distribution channels
  • Field visit management, seasonal sectorizations, goals by sector
  • Shelf-space management (presence, price, position ...)
  • Assortments management (analysis of product performance and range, following of referencing / dereferencing products, management of features for each channel, types of stores, trading zones, regional features) via business indicators
  • Management of mobile ordering, pricing, purchasing, orders, trading conditions, stocks
  • Performance review of promotional operations, budgets and quotas
  • Reports and analyses for sales forces and management (dashboards)
  • Communication on the point of sale (POS information) and related investments
  • Control of POS data to implement any corrective action
  • Management proposals relevant locations as part of trade negotiations

Examples of customer applications

Activité : A world leader in dairy products
Projet : To equip all the group companies with a business tool, either at the headquarters or in the field
Solution chosen : KLEE STORE

Objectifs :
  • Harmonize the merchandising data between multiple entities of the Group
  • Uniformise the application usage process for each Group entity
  • Simplify access to the database
  • Establish a platform for to consolidate all the merchandising data
Benefits : The solution meets the business objectives :
  • Optimization of new product launches and related concepts
  • Establishment of POS elements in the representation of planogram
  • Import of planograms / brands / markets
  • Export of planograms as external files (pictures, PDF, plans ...)

The teams no longer use outdated databases as data are centralized and made available automatically (products, images ...) in order to reduce administrative procedures. The recommendations are provided in the form of merchandising books for the sales forces.
Answers to your business needs