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Klee Sales helps your organization in its efforts to increase sales, satisfy customers and build loyalty.

You pilot your teams and operational activities through a set of business metrics and dashboards, whatever your markets, your distribution channels and your offices.

Collaborative processes are then optimized, and you have a perfect view of your ecosystem and your business.

Manage your sales team effectively

Klee Sales offers the flexibility required to monitor key indicators in real time throughout the sales cycle, via dashboards.

Effective management of the information (lifts synchronized customer data, negotiations, promotions, SEO ...) helps you implement the business strategy of your company.

You can decide on action plans to implement, prioritize actions of the Sales Force to develop sales and increase efficiency.

Ensure the quality of in-store execution.

Mobile sales forces use the latest technology to be more efficient in the field. Hybrid PCs, tablets and smartphones are their allies and Klee Sales the ideal tool.

Sales representatives can efficiently plan each visit, having a comprehensive understanding of each customer through key indicators.
The in-store execution is facilitated.

Trade relations are strengthened and negotiations are facilitated.

Close more business faster.

Give your sales teams everything they need to deal with customers and focus on the essentials: more sales and less administrative processes.

With Klee Sales, the sales force can monitor its activities anywhere on any device.

They can work online or offline at their convenience and are always in communication with the main office.

Analyze your performance.

Through business indicators and dashboards, you follow the daily work of your teams in the field, whatever your markets, your distribution channels and your offices: numerical distribution, consumer price, out-of-stocks...

You identify your presence at the point of sale by the consultation of coverage and access.

All the relevant information from various sources internal or external data is centralized and restored for your pre-configured analysis and reporting. You identify the performance factors, improving efficiency and productivity in the field and significantly increase your results.

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