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Klee Store is a powerful tool and monitoring the performance of your merchandising strategy and improving sales.

It is used to successfully plan the sale of the products in retail outlets by analyzing the potential of a store and maximising development opportunities. It helps create action plans.

You automatically create your 2D / 3D modeling of store space, simulate your custom projects and distribute them efficiently.
This merchandising software is a key success factor for both manufacturers and the retailers of the FMCG sector. The analysis of the products performance allows you to quickly identify the profitability of sales areas, and make the necessary adjustments to stimulate consumer purchase.

Simulate your merchandising strategies.

Merchandisers must constantly adjust their merchandising recommendations to be in line with evolving demands of products and different types of stores, at national and even local level.

You manage the overall layout from the store (store schedule) to the shelf (shelf planning).
You adapt your planograms according to the desired profitability of sales area based on actual sales-through data

Klee Store allows you to easily optimize the arrangement of shelves and increase the visibility of products to increase sales.

Expand the shelf-space profitability.

A strategic planning tool, Klee Store lets you develop your market shares on product categories based on performance data collected by the sales force during the field surveys.

The optimization of the shelf-space starts with the creation of planograms, and their editing and automatic or individual dissemination, in stores.
You analyze the performance of the allocated space, turnover, out-of-stocks, shelf-space comparison, parts of offers before / after relocations.

You manage effectively the referencing of products to increase the profitability of your sales area, anticipate consumer trends and customer loyalty.

Effectively follow the recommendations of the suppliers and the headquarters.

Planograms and analyzes from Klee Store help the sales force to verify the implementation of merchandising recommendations that were negotiated with the retailers.

Fast linear surveys will be conducted to compare the projected and actual implantations.

A merchandising book will be used as real asset in negotiations.
This document summarizes all commercial and merchandising information (planograms, product classifications, labels, barcode products, numerical distribution, shelf-space, facings, promotions ...).
You will be proactive in your negotiations.

Drive the negotiations.

Klee Store generates analysis and surveys from collected data in order to allow your team to adapt your future recommendations, in the form of planograms based on multiple typologies (stores, products, seasonality ...)

Fast linear surveys will be conducted to compare the projected and actual implantations. You can easily adapt your recommendations to specific outlets and distribute them automatically.
Communication is facilited by using product lines and merchandising layout configurations

Your products stand out more is increased and you're proactive in the negotiations.

Check the quality of execution in store.

Klee Store allows the sales force effectively relaying the recommendations of layouts validated upstream and to verify the proper implementation of the business strategy.

Shelf-space data will be compared with what was negotiated to identify any gaps in numerical distribution or the proper promotion of products.
The corrective adjustments are then done to match the desired offer.

Analyze performance and development potential.

Your products performance and development potential are quickly identified through key indicators (additional or cross-selling opportunities, etc ...)

Your product offer is valued and gives you visibility to your brand or your brand.
After the visit, you can analyze the performed merchandising layouts.

Schedule a meeting with a representative dedicated to your trade sector