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Publisher of retail execution solutions for consumer goods, pharma and manufacturing players Klee Commerce, editors of SFA and merchandising solutions

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European publisher of retail execution solutions

For over 35 years, Klee Commerce has worked to create software solutions dedicated to sales performance at points of sale. Every day, we work alongside our clients to be as close as possible to their sales strategy and to support the digital transformation of their sales processes. We strive to develop the business experience at its best level, regardless of the contact or the channel.

“ In each point of sale and with each connection to your B2B e-commerce site, a new commercial interaction occurs. From a manufacturer to a distributor, from a laboratory to a pharmacist, from a brand to a restaurateur – each opportunity and each business experience must create value and performance for you and your customers.”
Jean-Luc Malige, Klee Commerce Sales Director
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Klee Commerce is a Klee Group company, a French developer and inventor of tailored digital business solutions.




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Technology and performance in our DNA

The Klee Group’s technological excellence and commercial performance are in our genes. Our technological choices are reflected in the robustness of our software and are guided by our obsession with operational excellence. Our retail execution solutions, co-created with business experts and our customers, are designed to go straight to the point, accelerate sales and maximize value creation.

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Our Sales Force Automation solutions

Klee Sales, Klee Companion, Klee Internet Sales and Klee Analysis – adopt the best solutions to boost your sales performance.

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With Klee Store, Klee 3D, Klee Studio and Klee Analysis – strengthen the performance of management and seduction visual merchandising.

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