Retail execution: embrace the Perfect Store and aim for operational excellence

Perfect Store: optimal management of sales performance

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Klee Sales perfect store

Retail execution: optimize your visits based on a custom assessment model

With the Perfect Store module from Klee Sales, assess the performance of the points of sale visited according to your priority business indicators: content distribution, missing products, shelf-share and current promotions. Each area manager obtains a very clear view of their customers’ performance according to scores based on automated scenarios. This enables them to better prioritize visits according to the potential of the points of sale. With Klee Sales, the Perfect Store becomes reality.

Aim for operational excellence in the point of sale

The Perfect Store helps your salespeople on the ground to focus on the essential. In advance of visits, it makes it easier to identify points of sale to be visited as a priority, based on an overall score. On-site, detailed scores allow sector managers to analyse strengths and areas for improvement and to focus their actions on indicators that will have the greatest impact on the store’s performance.

  • Ranking of points of sale according to their performance
  • Assessment of points of sale according to the context
  • Analysis of customer strengths
  • Analysis of customer points for improvement

A custom scoring model

Point of sale performance indicators vary depending on the market and the commercial strategy. That’s why we help you define your assessment model and configure your Perfect Store module based on your performance criteria.

  • Configuring the Perfect Store according to your needs
  • Ranking of points of sale according to your criteria
  • Analysis score based on your business indicators: content distribution, value distribution, etc.
  • Custom scoring model

A personalised scoring system

Our solution helps you consolidate disparate indicators into a comparable overall score and to easily identify differences between points of sale. What if your priorities change? Our solution is flexible and allows you to administer the scores yourself, to adapt your Perfect Store to your needs.

  • Overall score summarizing indicators
  • Average score for an area
  • Average score for a brand
  • Breakdown of customers by score bracket
  • Autonomous administration of scores
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