The power of Klee Sales SFA CRM on mobile

Klee Companion, your mobile SFA for your nomadic sales force

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Klee Perfect Store

A CRM SFA solution
coupled with the advantages of your mobile

Distribution constraints, small stores, improvised meetings on a pallet corner…
Not always easy to conduct a visit with a laptop.
Don’t hesitate any longer, the SFA mobile solution satisfies your nomadic needs.

Add on to Klee Sales, Klee Companion makes life easier for your sales force in the field.

Klee companion - application

The SFA mobile application is essential for more responsiveness

Enjoy the native features of your smartphone: switch between phone or video appointments without any constraints, use the camera mode, write an email or make a direct call from your customer file.

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Klee companion application

All your customer information in one place

No need to search. All the information you need in-store is in your pocket: contacts details, visits, training…

Orders, 4P report, Perfect Store, complaints, questionnaires… You manage your sales performance on-the-go with more agility!

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Application klee companion

Optimal information sharing

  • Sharing photos, questionnaires, or complaints is instantaneous.
  • On mobile devices, surveys, in particular, become child’s play.
  • You can add comments to your photos and sort them by theme: promotion, complaint,… Essential information is received 5/5 thanks to instant data sharing: out-of-stock items, order status, complaints…
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