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The new business challenges of the luxury sector

The luxury sector is not immune to new consumer trends. Having been significantly affected by the growth in e-commerce, brands in the luxury sector need to develop new distribution strategies with their own stores in order to strengthen their proximity. Physical experience remains key to promoting its range, showcasing new products, and accelerating its sales.

Luxury cosmetics brands, meanwhile, are facing new competition from DNVBs (Digital Native Vertical Brands) and organic product brands that are attracting more and more consumers. Increasing its digital content distribution via selective distribution brands is therefore a real challenge for promoting their products and maximizing their turnover.

With the rise in e-commerce, the in-store experience is more than ever at the heart of the B2C and B2B relationship. It makes all the difference. Your salespeople on the ground can no longer (and do not wish to) be content simply taking orders. To achieve their targets, they must master data and have an in-depth knowledge of their distributor customer in order to encourage sell-out. To maximize their product’s impact in-store and better convince their customers of their recommendations, they must be able to draw on visual merchandising software.

Klee Commerce responds to the new challenges facing luxury and cosmetics players with tailored, powerful and innovative retail execution solutions, exploiting 3D immersion to better enhance your brands and your promotional concepts.

Master your data and make your customer relationship an experience, make better decisions and successfully manage your business.

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