Merchandising Klee Store

Improve management
of your shelves and promotions

Klee Store – merchandising software designed as a powerful sales support tool

With Klee Store,
gain two to three growth points

How can you successfully plan the placement of products in points of sale? With Klee Store, analyse a store’s potential, strengthen your display strategies, and maximize economic impact through better management of shelves and promotional campaigns.

Klee Store merchandising software is a lever for growth and profitability, for manufacturers as well as distributors.

Simulate your merchandising display strategies

Adjust your merchandising recommendations according to product demand and various types of stores, nationally and locally. Optimize your shelf layout and boost sales with your shelf display software.

  • Store planning
  • Shelf planning

Develop shelf profitability

Develop the market share of product categories and product mix based on product performance collected by sales forces via surveys on the ground. Effectively manage and plan product referencing, increase the profitability of your sales areas and anticipate changing consumption.

  • Creation and modification of planograms
  • Distribution of planograms in-store
  • Analysis of rotation rates, stock shortages, value distribution and offer shares
  • Monitoring of margins, stocks, and product performance
  • Summary of analyses

Apply head office recommendations effectively

Check the proper application of merchandising recommendations. Klee Store makes it easy for your sales force to compare targets against shelf reports.

Use our merchandising books in negotiations to enable you to make proactive suggestions and adapt your recommendations to the specific characteristics of a point of sale. Merchandising must first involve the section manager.

  • Store map
  • Planograms
  • Key indicators
  • 3D visual merchandising
  • Personalized merchandising book

Maximize the visual quality of your products across all channels with Klee Studio

With Klee Studio, simplify the creation of your digital content, control your data and product visuals, optimize your SEO and the relevance of your merchandising. Ensure consistency across all channels and develop an attractive image.

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Klee Studio

Increase your power of conviction with Klee 3d

With the Klee 3d immersive merchandising solution, make a difference, seduce and increase your impact in negotiations thanks to theatricalization and personalization. Use attractive staging of your merchandising plans and sales worlds to better convince your customers.

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