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Merchandising plan and shop plan software adapted to changes in the retail industry

How to imagine the retail of tomorrow? The retail sector has undergone such a transformation over the last four years
that it is difficult to make predictions. However, some major trends are emerging.

Omnichannelity has become a reality under the impetus of the drive, which continues to conquer
the hearts of French consumers (50% of households use it) and is now developing in town centres with the
with the pedestrian drive. E-commerce, having benefited from the health crisis, is now firmly established in our consumer habits.
in our consumer habits.

Physical shops, challenged by these new channels, are constantly reinventing themselves.
Organic sections, local products, bulk products, “cash register blahs”, autonomous shops… everything is being experimented with
Everything is being experimented with or rethought to re-enchant the consumer experience.

To better adapt to these new trends, retailers must constantly rethink their shops
and their assortments on an ongoing basis. Relying on merchandising software designed for the retail industry
is becoming essential in order to easily adapt shop plans and merchandising plans.
Merchandising is now a strategic area for growth and profitability for retail chains.
and profitability for retail chains.

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