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Maximize the performance of your products with high-quality visuals!


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As a CPG expert, you already know that the quality of your product databases plays an essential role in the success of your location recommendations to retailers during sales negotiations.
Klee Studio highlights the crucial importance of digital content and metadata of uniform and consistent quality for the realization of your merchandising plans.

Make your recommendations relevant to retailers!

Whether you’re a Category Captain or have ambitions to become one, you first need to do convince retailers at the annual buying committee meetings of the relevance of your layout recommendations, for the different store types.
To do this, you need to submit planograms that are as appropriate and convincing as possible. The key to this is the quality of your merchandising databases.

Without high-quality, up-to-date and comprehensive data, your merchandising strategy will fail.
Treat yourself to databases (images + metadata) that match your ambitions and achieve the results you want!

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